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No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas CAN change the world. John Keating, Dead Poets Society

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During the process of learning English for the past two years, I want to thank a person very much – that’s Cary Ann.  She has provided me with very professional English tutoring. She is enthusiastic and good at communication, and her understanding and communication abilities are the best I have ever seen in all English teachers I’ve witnessed.  On my English road to growth, she has given me a lot of help  I also invited her to come to Beijing and share my English experience with hundreds of parents and children.  The children and parents like her a lot.  If you want to understand the mystery of English, she must be the best!

~ Michael Wang, Founder of Huiyu Education Company, Beijing

I am very happy to work with Cary Ann. She is an amazing teacher! We’ve taught a student English from level zero. Now, he can communicate with others in English and handle everything when he goes abroad. Cary Ann can make a great plan for a student to help him learning efficiently. She always has many great ideas. She has helped us proofread all of our materials for more than 2 years, and she always figures out the best way to do it. She can change sentences to the perfect level for the students and she knows what is best for teaching them. I have been working with these guys since years now! With lots of hard work and timely communication they made sure they delivered the best to me. Highly recommended!

~ Letty Wang, Confident English