Why Small Whiteboards for Students are the Best Classroom Tool for Games and Activities I’ll be honest, I might have an obsession with whiteboards. While I certainly make good use of the large ones for myself, the ones that I really love most are the A4 or letter paper sized ones that I hand out …

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Do you have trouble staying motivated during the long summer and winter breaks from school? Trust me, it’s totally normal, but we should at least try to improve in this area. Let’s talk about some strategies to use to keep a healthy balance between work and relaxation during the breaks.

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I absolutely adore classroom games and play them super often. I can turn almost any topic into a game. It’s so much fun for both the students and me. I also play them with any age or level of students because they’re so versatile.

Welcome to our mini-series on classroom games. We’ll be talking about the best games to play in which situations and for focusing on which skills in the coming weeks. But first, I wanted to talk about why you should be playing games in your classroom on a regular basis.

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In our digital world, so many teachers are going full-on digital. And, digital’s awesome, by all means use digital resources in your classroom. They relate very, very well with your students as they’re growing up in this amazing digital age. But sometimes I see schools go so far in that direction that they just completely miss out on all the benefits that hands-on activities have to offer.

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