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Curriculum Design

Many schools, especially private language schools, find curriculum to be one of the biggest challenges they face when first opening.  That's why we provide quality consulting for curriculum design.  With over 7 years of experience designing curriculum for other schools as well as for our own, we are confident that we can provide other schools with an excellent educational foundation.  

Major Projects 


2012-2014 Gwangju, Korea

We engaged in curriculum development for Hanbeol Junior English Village's kindergarten and primary school English programs.  During this project, we made a yearlong plan as well as weekly lesson plans.  The kindergarten plan was for an English immersion school which had three different levels of students and covered a variety of subjects such as math, science, phonics, English speaking, writing, and social studies.  The primary school curriculum was designed for classes meeting three times each week for 45-minute classes and covered the major English subjects of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  During this project, we had limited choice of textbooks but were fully responsible for determining the appropriate course pacing.

2015-present Hangzhou, China

This is an ongoing project for a summer camp program hosted by Hangzhou Normal University.  We are in charge of curriculum development and the hiring and training of the foreign teachers for the summer camps each year.  Since joining the program in 2015, we have developed several new curriculum plans to better serve the students attending the camps.  The camps are each one week long and there are usually two, sometimes three, camps each summer.  Each camp has students of multiple levels, usually three levels, and requires the hiring and training of 8-13 foreign teachers.  

2015-present Hangzhou, China

We also of course are actively engaged in designing curriculum for our own school here in Hangzhou.  We are in the process of writing textbooks, story books, lesson plans, and other materials for a 14-level English training school.  At present, we have students enrolled in 7 of those 14 levels.  We also hope to expand to provide self-paced online courses for subjects such as English writing.

2018-present Hangzhou, China

We have been developing the curriculum for a VIP program that serves business people interested in intensive English courses.  The curriculum is customized to help the client be able to move from no English ability to moderately fluent in just one year.  We also provide teachers for special training days when the client can attend in person as well as for daily classes by phone according to the client's schedule.