Curriculum Design

We can design a custom curriculum plan for any occasion.  We have many different options available.

Sample Options 

Curriculum Length 

  • Full year 
  • Semester 
  • Camp 
  • Intensives 


  • Single level 
  • Standard multilevel (for example, grades 6-8 in separate classes) 
  • Custom multilevel (for example, mixed grade classes) 


  • Textbooks of your choice 
  • Textbooks that we select for you 
  • All materials (PPTs, videos, etc.) provided 
  • Only the basic curriculum plan with no additional materials 
  • And many more! 


Since curriculum design is a custom process, there is no standard package available.  However, here are some pricing examples from our previous clients. 

Full Year 

  • 3 levels of kindergarten 
  • 6 subjects per day, 5 days per week 
  • All books and materials chosen by their company 
  • Basic curriculum plan with daily page numbers provided by our company 
  • Fees:  $700


  • 6 levels of English 
  • 3 subjects per day, 1-2 days per week 
  • All books and materials chosen by our company 
  • Full curriculum with daily page numbers, lesson objectives, and teaching activity suggestions 
  • Fees:  $2,850

Summer Camp 

  • 5 days of instruction 
  • 7 classes per day 
  • 200+ students 
  • 3 grades 
  • Mostly unique curriculum for each level 
  • Major activities overlapping across grades 
  • Themes chosen by our company 
  • Supply list, craft instruction videos, and procedures for conducting each class provided by our company 
  • Fees:  $425

Special Course (6 months) 

  • 1 adult student 
  • Intensive English training (400+ hours of instruction) 
  • Topics chosen by their company 
  • Schedule outline designed in collaboration 
  • All English materials written by our company 
  • Fees: $2,100

For an estimate on your curriculum design project, please contact us through the link below
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