Stuck at Home Due to COVID

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Well, we’re temporarily stuck at home for a few weeks due to a COVID scare locally.

I know this is probably normal for some of y’all depending on which country you’re in, but this is the first time in nearly a year that we’ve been actually stuck at home.

I can’t go into all the details, but the short version is that a foreign teacher returned to the city and tested positive for COVID antibodies. He’s since had repeated negative tests and all those who had contact with him have also tested negative.

But, out of an abundance of caution, the branches of the English language training school where he worked or visited have all been shut down and the teachers have been asked to go out as little as possible.

One of the branches he visited happens to be a branch nearby that I work with sometimes, so that means that I’m home too.

Thankfully, my family was not put into any sort of official quarantine, and my university classes ended over a week ago. So really not much has changed.

But it definitely messed with my mindset from that Wednesday when all the stuff hit the fan until the following Monday. I basically just took a short vacation from my entrepreneurial activities, vegged out, and played video games with my husband for way more time than I’d care to admit to my productive self.

I found it especially ironic that I was planning to publish an episode and post this week about staying motivated during breaks from school while I was struggling to stay motivated.

I kept beating myself up a bit because I’m normally quite good at self-motivating (a very necessary trait for a mostly work-from-home entrepreneur), so I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling so unmotivated.

I think honestly, that it was just the jarring change plus the knowledge that they could come and take us into centralized quarantine. So my brain just refused to focus on productivity.

Actually, I did get a reasonable amount of work done on a new resource I’ll be selling on TeachersPayTeachers and the Little River shop soon. But that was mainly because it required little brain power compared to other tasks like writing or recording.

But hey, I’m back on track, back in the home office, and working on new stuff for Little River.

Hope y’all are staying safe, warm, and healthy this winter.

Happy teaching!

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