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Little River English was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing quality teaching resources and training for English and ESL teachers globally. Little River English engages in projects by partnering with outside companies to provide them with teaching resources and training.  Our mission is to serve you to the best of our ability in the ESL and English education marketplace.  Little River English is owned and operated by Americans, but is currently based out of Hangzhou, China.

小溪英语成立于2015年,旨在为全球英语教师和ESL教师提供优质的教学资源和培训。小溪英语能给公司提供丰富的教学资源和个性化的培训。 我们的使命是在ESL和英语教育领域尽我们最大的努力帮助到贵公司。 小溪英语由美国人全权拥有、经营,公司落址于中国杭州。

For more information, please contact us at littleriverenglish@outlook.com or add us on WeChat at cavincent88.  Please put "Info" in the title when requesting information.  Thank you!

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About the Founders



Stephen and Cary Ann Vincent​

Cary Ann is a native of Columbia, SC.  She has more than 19 years of experience in teaching, having begun her own tutoring business while she was still a student.  Nearly 9 years of her experience have been as a full-time educator dedicated to the field of English education.  She has taught every level of students, from kindergarten to high school and college to adult.  Cary Ann holds a Master of Education in Teaching English.  Her passions are curriculum design and teacher training. 

创始人Cary Ann是南卡罗来纳州哥伦比亚市人。 她有19年多教学经验,在她还是个学生的时候就开始了自己的家教业务。 已全职从事英语教育行业近9年。 她对各个年龄段(幼少儿,初高中,成人)的教学驾轻就熟。 Cary持有英语教育硕士学位。 她热衷于课程设计和教师培训。

Stephen is also a native of Columbia, SC.  As the oldest of six children and with years of volunteer experience at a daycare, he is particularly adept at teaching young learners.  He has over 7 years of full-time experience in teaching, mainly focused on young learners and college students.  He especially enjoys developing creative ways to make learning more enjoyable through interactive educational activities.  When Stephen has spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children as well as designing and creating new board games.

 Stephen也是南卡罗来纳州哥伦比亚市人。因为他是家里6个兄弟姐妹中最大的,另外在托儿所有多年的志愿者经验,所以他特别擅长幼少儿语教学。 他有超过7年的全职教学经验,主要负责教授大学生和幼少儿。他善于创意开发,通过有趣的教学互动活动来提升学习的趣味性。空闲时,Stephen喜欢和妻子以及两个孩子共享美好时光,并设计开发新的益智性桌游。