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Proofreading and Editing 校对和编辑

We provide English proofreading and editing services.  We specialize in academic editing for the humanities, but we can also provide other types of editing services for you.

我们提供英语校对和编辑服务。 我们专营人文学科方向的学术编辑,但我们也可以为您提供其他类型的编辑服务。



Standard Proofreading Package 标准校对包

 This package is designed for writers who are confident about their writing style and just want to have their grammar, spelling, and punctuation checked.  Stylistic changes and word choice may be highlighted but not changed.

此包专为对自己的写作风格比较自信,只需要帮助检查语法,拼写和标点符号的写者设计。 写作风格的改变和单词会标示出来,但不做更改。

Pricing:  100 RMB ($15) / 500 words 



Standard Editing Package 标准编辑包

 This package is designed for writers who wish to have extra assistance.  Editing will include everything in the standard package plus stylistic changes, word choice changes, organization, etc.

此包专为希望获得额外帮助的写者而设计。 编辑将包括标准校对包中的所有内容以及写作风格更改、单词选择更改、文章组织等。

Pricing: 150 RMB ($22) / 500 words 

定价: 150元 (22美元) / 500 个单词


Custom Package Options 自定义包选项

 For any proofreading and editing needs not covered in the above options, please contact us for a quote.  We often work on very small jobs and occasionally very large jobs, so we are willing and ready to work with you to meet your needs.



For all packages, the customer will receive both a marked draft and a final copy without the editing marks.



To request our proofreading and editing services, please contact us at littleriverenglish@outlook.com or add us on WeChat at cavincent88.  Please put "Proofreading" in the title when requesting information.  Thank you!

如需咨询我们的校对或编辑服务,请发送询问至此邮件: littleriverenglish@outlook.com littleriverenglish@outlook.com,或在 微信上搜索添加cavincent88 。 发送邮件或添加微信时,请在标题或好友添加栏中输入"校对"。 谢谢!


Please Note:  All pricing is subject to approval after receiving a writing sample.  Regular pricing is based on a high school level English or writing ability.