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Seminars and Intensives 研讨会和强化活动

We provide special seminars and intensive English courses for a variety of needs.  We can work with you to create a custom course for teachers, parents, or students.




We conduct seminars on topics related to English teaching. Some examples of past seminars include:

  • 3-hour seminar on teaching writing to primary school ESL students
  • 3-hour seminar on utilizing activities in teaching secondary ESL students
  • 3-day seminar on improving confidence when speaking English
  • 3-day seminar on public speaking
  • 3-day seminar on making friends with foreigners


  • 3小时研讨会,如何教英语不是母语的小学生写作
  • 3小时研讨会,如何利用活动来教英语不是母语的中学生
  • 3天研讨会,如何提升说英语时的自信心
  • 3天研讨会,关于公共演讲
  • 3天研讨会,关于如何与老外交朋友


We're always looking for new opportunities to help our clients, so if you have other seminar topics that you want to discuss feel free to contact us.


All seminars are offered on a custom basis and prices range from 500-1,000 RMB / hour ($75-150) depending on the client's needs. As our company is currently located in Hangzhou, China, any webinars worldwide or seminars in Hangzhou can be done with no additional fees.  For events outside of Hangzhou, travel fees and accommodation fees will be added to the seminar prices.


To request our seminar and webinar services, please contact us at littleriverenglish@outlook.com or add us on WeChat at cavincent88.  Please put "Seminar" in the title when requesting information.  Thank you!

如需咨询我们的线下研讨会及在线会议服务,请写信给此电子邮件littleriverenglish@outlook.com,或在 微信上搜索添加cavincent88 。 发送邮件或添加微信时,请在标题或好友添加栏中输入"研讨会"。 谢谢!



Hear What Our Clients Have To Say


Cary Ann did an amazing job for our 3-day intensive English camp in Beijing.  She not only was involved in our curriculum design, but also took part in our teaching during the camp. Our team got along very well with her, and the feedback from students about classes was very positive. Most importantly, she is willing to go the extra mile.
Cary Ann外教在北京3天的英语特训营表现得非常出色!她不仅参与了前期的课程设计,也参与3天课程的教学。我们团队和她的合作非常的融洽,学生对她的课程满意率也超高。关键的关键:她很愿意额外的付出。
a~ Daniel Zhou, Founder of Confident English, Hangzhou  周建华,自信英语创始人,杭州