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Teacher Training 教师培训

We offer teacher training programs for any type of school.  We can help you support your teachers' development.



Program Options 项目选项

Standard Program 标准项目

The standard teacher training program will provide training in the areas of teaching skills, personal/professional skills, and English skills.  Some of the common topics we discuss include:

  • Teaching Skills: classroom management, lesson prepping, incorporating fun activities, etc. 
  • Personal/Professional Skills: time management, curriculum planning, goal setting, etc.
  • English Skills: grammar, pronunciation, intonation, etc.


  • 教学技巧:课堂管理,备课,结合趣味活动等。
  • 个人/专业技能:时间管理,课程计划,目标设定等
  • 英语能力:语法,发音,语调等。



 The custom training program can provide a mix of the training topics included in the standard program or can be a completely unique training program tailored specifically to your school's needs.



Pricing 价格

    Standard Program

    • 2,200 RMB ($320) / 6 hours
    • 3,100 RMB ($450) / 9 hours
    • 4,000 RMB ($580) / 12 hours


    • 2,200元(320美元)/6小时
    • 3,100元(450美元)/9小时
    • 4,000元(580美元)/12小时

    Custom Program

    • Please ask about our pricing for the custom program as it varies depending on your needs.  On average, we charge 300-500 RMB ($45-75) / hour.  The minimum length of time for the training is 6 hours.


    • 因为定制项目的价格根据客户的需求各异,故请咨询我司具体的定价。平均来看,我们的收费是300-500元(45-75美元)/小时。培训的最低时长是6小时。


    All teacher training can be conducted online or in-person.  As our company is currently located in Hangzhou, China, any teacher training in Hangzhou can be done with no additional fees.  For training outside of Hangzhou, travel fees and accommodation fees will be added to the prices listed.



    For an estimate on your curriculum design project, please contact us at littleriverenglish@outlook.com or add us on WeChat at cavincent88.  Please put "Curriculum Design" in the title when requesting information.  Thank you!

    有关您的课程设计项目方面的看法,请发到此邮件上: littleriverenglish@outlook.com,或在 微信上搜索添加cavincent88 。 发送邮件或添加微信时,请在标题或好友添加栏中输入"课程设计"。 谢谢!


    Hear What Our Clients Have To Say


    Cary Ann from Little River English is enthusiastic, highly professional, and very easy to work with. She has the whole package in terms of English teaching to both native and international students. And she helps teachers in our school have a better understanding about English teaching. I sincerely appreciate her work.
    ~ Mike Lin, Shalom English, Hangzhou
    We are really happy to work with you. Your teacher training lessons are always popular among our teachers. Not only do you tell us things, but also you show us and involve everyone.  That's much more than English; it's the passion for teaching and a positive attitude toward work and life.
    ~ Rachel, Confident English, Nanjing