Seminars and Workshops

We provide special seminars and intensive English workshops for a variety of needs.  We can work with you to create a custom course for teachers, parents, or students.

We conduct seminars or workshops on topics related to English teaching. Some examples of past seminars include:

  • 3-hour seminar on teaching writing to primary school ESL students
  • 3-hour workshop on utilizing activities in teaching secondary ESL students
  • 3-day seminar on improving confidence when speaking English
  • 3-day workshop on public speaking
  • 3-day seminar on making friends with foreigners

We’re always looking for new opportunities to help our clients, so if you have other seminar topics that you want to discuss feel free to contact us.

All seminars are offered on a custom basis and prices range from $75-150 / hour depending on the client’s needs. As our company is currently located in Hangzhou, China, any webinars worldwide or seminars in Hangzhou can be done with no additional fees.  For events outside of Hangzhou, travel fees and accommodation fees will be added to the seminar prices.

To request our seminar and webinar services, please contact us by clicking the link below
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