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Teacher Training

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Distance Training

Distance training is usually conducted over a social media platform and can be designed for teachers anywhere in the world.  Lessons are typically delivered asynchronously using video, audio, and text-based lessons.  As with all our teacher training, we will work with you to create a customized training program to fit your school's unique needs.  For more information, please send us a message.

In-Person Training

We currently offer in-person teacher training in mainland China.  Typically, training programs are designed to be one to three consecutive days, conducted monthly or quarterly.  For these teacher training programs, we design customized lessons and activities to meet the needs of your school and your students.  They are designed to help your teachers improve their teaching skills, language ability (for non-native English speakers), and recharge their passion for teaching.  If you think your school could benefit from such training, please contact us today.

Combo Training

Combo training is exactly what it sounds like, a great combination of in-person and distance training.  This is an excellent choice for schools that are not able to have their teachers attend monthly training or for schools that are outside of mainland China, but still in Asia.  With this option, the in-person training is typically longer but much less frequent, while the distance portion provides your teachers with additional training anytime.  Please contact us to discuss your customized combo training plan.